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  • Daily total of shortwave radiation

    Daily total of shortwave radiation

    Fig.1 Distribution of the daily dose of solar radiation incident on the surface of the Baltic Sea

    The daily sum of solar radiation in the 300-4000 nm wavelength range (often termed “short-wave solar radiation” or “total solar radiation”), reaching the sea surface directly from the Sun or scattered in the atmosphere. Values are expressed in [MJ·m­-2]. The SatBałtyk system presents this parameter in the form of maps with a 1 km spatial resolution.


    The SolRad[1] model is used to determine the daily dose of short-wave solar radiation. It is calculated from values of the solar irradiance (radiation flux density) measured every 15 minutes. The input data for the model are obtained from the SEVIRI radiometer (HRV spectral channel) deployed on MSG series satellites, AVHRR, TOVS and SBUV/2 radiometers deployed on satellites of the TirosN/NOAA and Metop series, and from the UM or WRF meteorological models.


    The statistical error, expressed as the standard deviation between values of the flux measured in situ and those calculated using the SolRad model:

    where N – number of cases, Xi,C – measured value, Xi,M – calculated value (modelled).
    The systematic error (the mean difference between the measured and calculated values):

    was determined with respect to measurements made at the Hel station (Lat. 54°36’21.3”, Long. 18°47’53.4”) in 2013-2015. The values of the errors calculated for particular months are listed in Table 1.

    Table 1. Validation results of the daily sums of irradiance determined by the SolRad model with respect to measurement data (all values in [MJm-2]); variable: Qd(Hel)-Qd(SolRad)

    Month Number of cases Average value Statistical error σε Systematic error <ε>
    January 56 -0.478 0.469 -0.299
    February 52 -0.868 0.694 -0.192
    March 60 -1.317 1.492 -0.171
    April 54 -1.938 1.085 -0.142
    May 54 -2.183 1.425 -0.128
    June 58 -2.308 1.762 -0.132
    July 62 -1.274 1.337 -0.076
    August 55 -1.340 1.035 -0.082
    September 55 -1.051 0.848 -0.096
    October 61 -0.818 0.733 -0.176
    November 60 -0.665 0.518 -0.359
    December 55 -0.329 0.289 -0.276
    Year 682 -1.211 1.231 -0.178


    Links to the parameter in SatBaltic System:

    Daily total of shortwave radiation

    [1]  SolRad - model Solar Radiation