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  • Monitoring the coastal zone of the southern Baltic

    At 9 o’clock in the morning once a month from March to October the fishing boat “Sea Angel” sails out to sea in atypical guise – as a scientific research vessel. On board are members of staff and students from the Pomeranian Academy, Słupsk. Under the watchful eyes of the scientific staff of the Academy’s Department of Environmental Physics (DEP), the students make the relevant measurements for studying the coastal zone environment of the southern Baltic near the port of Ustka. To do this, specialist apparatus immersed in the water is required. In addition to in situ measurements, samples of sea water are taken to the DEP laboratory, where the students analyse them. These research cruises – part of the SatBałtyk project – give the students an opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during lectures and laboratory classes. The cruises provide the SatBałtyk database with additional, unique measurements: pigment concentrations in phytoplankton, the pH, salinity and turbidity of the water, water temperatures at different depths, concentrations of the main groups of phytoplankton (cyanobacteria, green algae, diatoms and cryptophytes) and their fluorescent properties, concentrations of suspended particulate matter, volume concentrations of particles in 32 size classes and parameters characterizing the absorption and scattering properties of Baltic Sea water.

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